Why the Royal Family favour THIS British hotel – with an eye-watering price

Why the Royal Family favour THIS British hotel – with an eye-watering price

Queen Elizabeth is the most well-travelled monarch in history, having visited over 130 countries during her reign.

One country she has visited the most is Canada, having travelled there a whopping 22 times.

It was also been revealed why one hotel in the UK is a firm favourite of hers, as well as the Royal Family’s.

The London-based five-star hotel comes at a shocking price too.

The Goring Hotel in Belgravia has been a popular choice for the Royal Family since it opened in 1910.

Spanning decades of visits, the Queen Mother famously once enjoyed ‘Eggs Drumkilbo’ in the hotel, a lobster and egg-based dish.

It has held royalty from all around the world during important events such as the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth herself.

Kate Middleton also spent the night there before her wedding to Prince William in 2011, where two million people watched her leave in her wedding dress as she headed to Westminster Abbey.

To reward the hotel for its services, George Goring, the owner of the hotel, was awarded an O.B.E for it’s “services to the hotel industry” in 1990.

It was appointed a Royal Warrant, becoming the only hotel to receive one for its hospitality services.

Goring told Reuters at the time: “To be able to display Her Majesty’s coat of arms is something that the staff will be enormously proud of.”

Prices start from £290 a night, but anyone wanting the royal experience can try The Royal Suite for a whopping £8,400 per night.

Queen Elizabeth also has a favourite destination when it comes to a private holiday.

The Queen always heads to Balmoral during the summer months to spend time with her husband Prince Philip.

It was bought in 1852 for £32,000 by Prince Albert, therefore making it private property and not owned by the Crown Estate.

Princess Eugenie confirmed the Queen’s love for the place: “I think Granny is the most happy there. I think she really, really loves the Highlands.”

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