Weight loss: Woman lost over two stone and stripped belly fat cutting THIS from her diet

Weight loss: Woman lost over two stone and stripped belly fat cutting THIS from her diet

Sharing her before and after images to Reddit, the woman posted under the user name ‘ceruleanpotato’.

She revealed she is 26 and 5’3”, and weight 13 stone five pounds before her weight loss journey.

But after overhauling her lifestyle, she lost two stone eight pounds.

Commenters asked her how she did it, and ceruleanpotato replied: “Diet I’ve been eating whole foods, no red meat and I switched to almond milk.

“I’ve been eating out more than I should but the no red meat restriction has helped me avoid the higher calorie choices.

“I’ve also been doing intermittent fasting most days and staying around 1000-1200 calories. Oh and I love the overnight oatmeals with cinnamon and honey!”

Revealing her new exercise regime, she said: “Exercise I’ve been doing the HASFit workouts on YouTube with 10lbs weights (or water bottles filled with sand if I just can’t) two or three times a week.

“I had been going on two hour walks but I decided to get over it and do C25K.

“So I’m on week two of that and I run with a jogging stroller. If I need a few days to relax then I take a few days and if I feel like running and then doing a workout after, I do that.”

She also explained she did this without paying for a gym, and said those trying to lose weight “definitely don’t need a gym membership”.

Excess weight around the stomach area is a problem for both men and women, and one man revealed what he did to get rid of belly fat.

Sharing before and after images to Reddit, the man, writing under the username ‘Stoopjo’, explained how he shed the weight in one year.

Revealing he was 21 and 5’11”, Stoopjo shared his incredible transformation.

Commenters quickly asked him how he did it, and he explained: “Found out my metabolic rate, cut my calories lower than that and then supplemented with working out everyday and cardio sprinkled in.”

But there was a particular diet plan the man employed to help him lose the 61lbs (four stone three pounds).

He continued: “Also intermittent fasting played a big role. It was easy to treat myself that way but most of the time I just focused on getting enough protein, roughly 129 grams.”

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