Weight loss: Woman lost over three stone and stripped belly fat following THIS diet plan

Weight loss: Woman lost over three stone and stripped belly fat following THIS diet plan

Sharing her story to Reddit, poster ‘cfabriziostanton’ explained she lost 50lbs (three stone five pounds) in just four months.

The mum-of-three revealed she still has another “10-20lbs of fat loss” to go before she is finished.

Her images garnered lots of comments on the social media site, with most asking her how she did it.

Responding to one commenter, cfabriziostanton said: “I follow a ketogenic diet. I feel like it has a bad reputation but it doesn’t need to be super greasy and fat laden for most who are trying to lose weight.

“Once my body switched to using fat as fuel I had TON of excess fat already attached to my body to fuel it.

“I eat protein of all kinds (fish, meat, eggs) fat (avocados and cheese mainly) and low-carb veggies (broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and zucchini) but my portion sizes are significantly smaller since being in ketosis- because my appetite is suppressed and my thinking of what “normal” is has been completely rewired.

“I’m starting to plan on how to transition successfully out of a strict ketogenic diet to a more balanced low-carb diet as I start introducing running and weight training.”

On hearing she followed a keto diet, some commenters asked her how she found it, and she replied: “Keto can seem really intense and gross and greasy depending on who you’re following. People with a lot of body fat to lose do not need to eat a ton of fat to be in ketosis. I didn’t.

“A normal day for me looks like this: Breakfast: two-three eggs, avocado with tajin seasoning, bacon (or breakfast sausage, or neither if I’m not that hungry) or a low-carb whole food meal replacement shake with unsweetened almond milk.

“Lunch: if breakfast was big and filling I often skip lunch and have an early dinner, but that’s because I’m already in ketosis and my body feels good even when I haven’t eaten in a while.

“If I’m eating lunch it’s often turkey and cheese lettuce wraps with onions, pickles, mayo and mustard or whatever else I want to include. Sometimes lunch is a small snack, like salami and cheese with a small salad or pickles.

“Dinner: I am the only one in my house eating keto. I still have my husband and three kids to think of so I usually cater dinner to them and either tweak it for myself or make myself something I’d normally have for lunch.

“Keto is easy in the way that I can find a low carb pasta sauce (Raos or I make my own for marinara, Alfredo, garlic/butter/parm) and protein (chicken, meatballs, sausage, ground beef) and have mine over veggies while my family has it on noddles.

“Same with most rice dishes. Mexican food is super easy to make keto, just leave out the carbs (rice, beans, tortillas, corn) until the end and use a low carb veg instead or make it into a salad and then add the carbs for everyone else.

“Eating out keto is stupid easy, lettuce wrapped cheese burgers, steak and veggies, hearty salads.”

She also revealed the other diets she had tried that hadn’t worked for her, and said: “I was paleo for a while, did whole 30, have been dairy free… nothing has worked, been as satiating, or easy to maintain.

“I was pre-diabetic having dizzy spells twice a week four months ago. My pancreas is happy as a clam right now, and I feel like a million bucks. I drink water, electrolyte drinks without sweeteners, la croix and coffee.”

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