Weight loss: Man lost five stone FAST and shrunk belly fat following THIS simple diet plan

Weight loss: Man lost five stone FAST and shrunk belly fat following THIS simple diet plan

Sharing his weight loss transformation before and after pictures to Reddit, ‘percinick’, 24, explained how he lost five stone in just over three months.

After commenters questioned how lost the weight, he said: “I just started eating really clean.

“I reduced my carb intake to 20 carbs per day, calories was between 1400-1700 per day and I worked out 3-4 times per week. Also drank a ton of water and the weight just flew off.”

He also revealed he was “fortunate to not have any extra skin” despite losing so much weight.

Detailing his plan further, and explaining he followed the Keto diet, he said: “I ate high protein. Once I drop another 20 pounds, I’m going increase the calories and try to build some muscle.

“I only drink a post workout shake. I use Gold Standard 100 per cent Whey protein powder.

“It’s got like 26g of protein, 3g carbs, and like 126 calories per serving.”

Percinick also revealed he wants to lose another 20 pounds (one stone four pounds).

The Keto diet is a popular choice for people wanting to lose large amounts of weight.

One woman lost over three stone and shrunk her belly fat following the diet plan.

Sharing her story to Reddit, poster ‘cfabriziostanton’ explained she lost 50lbs (three stone five pounds) in just four months.

The mum-of-three revealed she still has another “10-20lbs of fat loss” to go before she is finished.

Her images garnered lots of comments on the social media site, with most asking her how she did it.

Responding to one commenter, cfabriziostanton said: “I follow a ketogenic diet. I feel like it has a bad reputation but it doesn’t need to be super greasy and fat laden for most who are trying to lose weight.

“Once my body switched to using fat as fuel I had TON of excess fat already attached to my body to fuel it.

“I eat protein of all kinds (fish, meat, eggs) fat (avocados and cheese mainly) and low-carb veggies (broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and zucchini) but my portion sizes are significantly smaller since being in ketosis- because my appetite is suppressed and my thinking of what “normal” is has been completely rewired.”

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