Weight loss: Expert reveals THIS could be the key to getting rid of belly fat

Weight loss: Expert reveals THIS could be the key to getting rid of belly fat

Diet is often presumed to be the key to weight loss, and choosing the right nutritional plan can lead the pounds melting away.

But there are still many people who try every diet and can’t seem to slim down.

Exercise is widely accepted to help tone and is good for general well being, but won’t lead to significant weight loss on its own.

So what is the key to lasting slimming success?

One expert believes hormones, specifically insulin, is the key to losing weight successfully.

Australian dietitian Susie Burrell spoke to Daily Mail Australia to reveal her thoughts on how to lose weight and the links with insulin resistance.

She said: “Insulin resistance is a clinical condition in which insulin, the hormone secreted by the pancreas to control blood glucose levels in the body is no longer working as efficiently as it should.

“When insulin is not working properly, the body is forced to produce more and more insulin to process the same amount of glucose that we consume in food to fuel the muscles and the brain.

“The unfortunate thing when it comes to weight control is that the higher the amount of insulin that you have circulating in the body, the harder it becomes to burn body fat.”

The message for dieters is stark – if you have insulin resistance, it doesn’t matter if you are eating well and exercising, you still won’t lose weight.

But how do you know if you have insulin resistance? Susie explained it can take months or even years before it is built up, meaning symptoms may go unnoticed.

Both fatigue and sugar cravings are signs, but the main thing to look out for is how fat is deposited on the body.

Susie said: “Insulin likes to deposit fat around the abdominal area, which is why women (and men) with severe insulin resistance have a large belly.

“It is also the reason that a waist measurement greater than 80cm for a female may be a sign that insulin resistance is present.”

Those with insulin resistance should follow a high protein diet with moderate amounts of carbohydrates.

Don’t cut out carbs completely, and avoiding processed food is also recommended.

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