WATCH: Plane STRUGGLES to land at most dangerous airport in the world

WATCH: Plane STRUGGLES to land at most dangerous airport in the world

A viral video shows the moment a plane attempts to land in terrifying crosswinds at one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

Madeira Airport, also known as Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, is one of the hardest places to land a plane in the world.

The strong winds, as well as a short runway and sheer drop into the ocean at the end, make it difficult with many pilots requiring additional training.

One flight can be seen battling to land during a routine flight.

The flight can be seen battling the crosswinds as it tries to land on the runway.

As it touches down, one wheel lands whilst the other hovers in the air, as the aircraft can be seen swaying and landing almost sideways on the runway.

After a tense moment, both wheels then land on the tarmac successfully as it then continues down the runway.

The Imgur video, which has since had over 370,000 views, impressed online users who congratulate the pilot’s excellent skills.

One remarked: “That crosswind was brutal. The side load on that plane was tough. Good job pilot!”

Another user explained: “The pilots get extensive training.”

A different user slightly missed the point when it comes to the safety of air travel.

They stated: “Actually, elevators are statistically the safest form of transportation.”

Another plane can be seen struggling to land at the notoriously dangerous airport.

A Primera Airlines plane was battered by strong winds, which throws the jet forwards and backwards.

It also uses what is called a “crab landing” which means to land sideways with the nose in line with the runway.

The nerve-wracking watch is not for nervous fliers.

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