WATCH: Man tries to kick pigeon but is left mortified when THIS happens

WATCH: Man tries to kick pigeon but is left mortified when THIS happens

In a short clip uploaded to Imgur, a man dressed in black jeans and a white shirt can be seen walking slowly behind a pigeon.

The pigeon starts to run as the man gets closer, obviously sensing danger.

The man lifts his leg to kick the pigeon – but quickly regrets his decision when disaster strikes.

Instead of kicking the bird, he slips on a stray bit of cardboard on the ground.

The bird flies off safely, and the man lands heavily on the ground, rolling in pain.

More than 92,000 have viewed the clip in the two days it has been shared.

Commenters had no sympathy for the man, and one said: “Why try to kick a bird that’s just stupid anyway… Super funny tho!” (sic)

Another said: “I hope he broke his stupid stupid wrist.”

One wrote: “Deserved all the pain.”

This is not the only clip of humans receiving justice after trying to harm an animal.

In a clip uploaded to Imgur, a massive bull can be seen standing alone on a street in Spain.

The bull is stood looking at two men in a cage, one of whom leans out of the cage waving a white cloth in an attempt to get the animal’s attention.

Wearing a red top, the man waves his arms about as the bull stares at him, its tail swishing.

Crowds look on, some on balconies above, and some on the road, protected by a metal gate.

At first, it seems as if the bull is not going to move – but then he decides he has had enough of the man’s taunting, and charges forward.

Unfortunately for the man in red, the cage he is in proves to be no match for the bull, who easily breaks through the metal.

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