WATCH: Cruise ship goes UNDERWATER after battling dangerous waves

WATCH: Cruise ship goes UNDERWATER after battling dangerous waves

The Carnival Pride cruise ship was travelling through rough seas when it partially submerged.

Filming from an ocean view cabin, the dangerous waves throw the ship around as it sways up and down.

Suddenly, the entire window is submerged as part of the ship is underwater from the rocking motion.

It makes for a terrifying watch.

The video, which was filmed in 2011, has since had over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Luckily, the ship manages to emerge from the sea again as it continues to fight the strong storm.

YouTube users were conflicted regarding the video and whether it was scary or amazing.

One wrote: “It would be cool if they made a lower deck with windows beneath the ocean to view the underworld of the sea. Kind of like an aquarium.”

Others exclaimed how scared they would have been to have experienced the rough cruise journey.

Another user said: “Watching this gives me anxiety.”

It’s not just the waves that cause fear, as many say the noises in the video make it worse.

A user stated: “The constant creaking would freak me out.”

Another cruise ship had to be rescued after sailing through the dangerous Drake Passage.

Known for being some of the roughest seas in the world, the Clelia II cruise ship suffered problems after it was damaged in a storm.

A National Geographic ship had to contact the ship, for fear it would lose power.

Luckily, the ship managed to make it to port without any major injuries onboard.


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