WATCH: Could this pilot video taken from the cockpit CURE your fear of flying?

WATCH: Could this pilot video taken from the cockpit CURE your fear of flying?

Watch as a pilot takes off in this fascinating video which is meant to inform and reassure flyers about what happens during takeoff. 

The calming footage shows the smooth process of take off, explaining the procedure and displaying beautiful scenes over London. 

The video, posted by British Airways captain Dave Wallsworth, shows an Airbus A380 taking off from London Heathrow in July.

It shows both the view from the cockpit window during take off, as well as a second camera showing the pilots in the cockpit.

Dave is joined in the cockpit by senior first officer Jeremy Goodson and senior first officer Philip Gillespie.

“Air Traffic Control clear us for takeoff,” reads the caption in the video to explain what is happening.

Time to take 502 tonnes of aircraft and passengers to Johannesburg.

“One final check that everyone is happy then Jeremy pushes forward the thrust levels.

“Jeremy and Dave now check various modes and settings.”

The video, shared on the AirlinePilotVids Youtube channel, shows just how slow and calming the scene from the cockpit is.

YouTube users have commented how “helpful” and “reassuring” the video is to those with a fear of flying.

One wrote: “As a nervous flyer I appreciated this video..thank you.”

Another praised the video for giving him “confidence”, saying he “really enjoyed” it.

“I can get a bit nervous when flying, but I have lots of confidence in pilots. Your video shows it’s well-deserved.”

Recently, a scary viral video shows a man risk falling to his death as he travelled across a bridge above a mountain valley.

Suddenly, the glass shatters beneath him, with the cracks spread against the length of the bridge. So what does he do next?


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