WATCH: Bomb cyclone winter storm forces a New York bound plane to abort landing

WATCH: Bomb cyclone winter storm forces a New York bound plane to abort landing

  • New York has been hit by a bomb cyclone winter storm.
  • Several flights have been diverted, causing widespead chaos.
  • Passenger Manoel Gerlach took a video of his Singapore Airlines flight after it was diverted.
  • A bomb cyclone winter storm is associated with extremely strong winds.

UPDATE: Friday 5 January, 10:51AM

A passenger on a Norwegian flight from Gatwick bound for JFK has complained of chaos following a diversion to Dulles Airport in Washington DC due to the bomb cyclone winter storm.

Olivia Mullaney, 26, told “We were told an hour before landing we were diverted to Washington DC, then left on the tarmac for four hours with no food or water offered.

“People are obviously going crazy at this. The airport staff for other airlines told us there were no Norwegian reps in the whole airport as they don’t usually fly there.

“Our bags can’t be unloaded as they have no relationships with any ground staff or handlers.”

Friday 5 January, 9:00AM 

Watch a video which shows the effect of the New York bomb cyclone winter snow storm on a flight forced to abort its landing.

The Singapore Airline flight was scheduled to land in New York’s JFK Airport in the USA, but had to be diverted to the smaller Stewart Airport instead due to the extreme freak weather.

The plane in the video is said to be an Airbus A380 model – the largest passenger jet in the world.

However, the aircraft was no match for the strong winds and massive blizzard.

The video, taken by passenger Manoel Gerlach, who showed it on Twitter, at first shows a plane packed with people.

The film maker travels towards one of the windows, displaying a view of the plane’s wing which is sprinkled with white snow.

All that can be seen of the outside world is a snow storm obscuring the ground and sky.

“Currently on SQ26, A380, diverted to SWF due to weather. Sitting on tarmac,” tweeted Manoel from the plane.

He later tweeted an update: “A380 was moved. Now closer to terminal. 

“Waiting for stairs and busses. Everyone still on the plane as of 5:05p. 

“People remain polite but are ready to get off the plane, knowing that immigration might take a long time.”

What is a bomb cyclone?

A bomb cyclone, which is also know as a “weather bomb” or “bombgenesis”, is a storm formation which occurs when a rising column of air exits a low pressure area on the surface of the Earth. 

It causes extremely powerful winds to develop around the area, which are strongest at the centre. 

Earlier this week, a viral video showed Storm Eleanor winds prevent a BA plane from landing on the runway.

The terrifying video shows the pilot try and fail to battle the strong winds in order to bring the passenger plane to the ground for landing.

The plane is instead forced to take off again into the sky rather than land on the runway.

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