Victoria’s Secret 2017: The ONE gym trick all VS catwalk models use to get catwalk ready

Victoria’s Secret 2017: The ONE gym trick all VS catwalk models use to get catwalk ready

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is next week, with many of the models jetting in to China already to prepare themselves for the catwalk on Monday.

For all of the models – including Adriana Lima, 36, Alessandra Ambrosio, 36, and Elsa Hosk, 29, – have been working hard in the gym for months to ensure they look their best for the show.

Each of the women follow their own personalised routines, and try everything from boxing to yoga to hone their bodies.

But there is one gym trick that consistently crops up in all of the VS model’s plans.

Each of the women – from the models to the Angels – uses their own body weight while hitting the gym.

This means they do moves that don’t require fancy equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime.

All of the women work with the best trainers in the world, several of whom have shared the routines they devise for their Angels.

Michael Blauner works with Rachel Hilbert, 22, and said he does “a lot of fast paced, high intensity training” with the model.

Kirk Myers, owner of Dogpound, trains Josephine Skriver, 24, Martha Hunt, 28, Elsa Hosk and Jasmine Tookes, 26, among others.

He gets his clients to do moves such as sumo squats, although he does sometimes make these more difficult by adding in a Bosu ball for them to balance on at the same time.

Victoria Lee, 27, will wear her wings for the first time this year, and she revealed her fitness plan to Vogue Australia.

She said: “Resistance bands, light free weights, ankle weights, gliders, skipping ropes, wrist weights, a mini trampoline or just my own body weight.

“I focus on strength exercises with light weights and high reps, pushing my muscles to fatigued point.

“I like to break this up with short cardio bursts to shake out any lactic acid and raise my heart rate.

“It’s non-stop movement for 55 minutes followed by a cool down. I always take an extra 1—15 minutes to strength and foam roll to prevent injury and to get rid of any remaining lactic acid.”

The model also revealed she took Ballet Beautiful classes twice a week, where are a mat-based class “using your own body weight”.

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