Thor Ragnarok: Want to WATCH that epic battle with Hulk again? We have it for you HERE

Thor Ragnarok: Want to WATCH that epic battle with Hulk again? We have it for you HERE

Ragnarok is smashing the international box office harder than its angry green star.

The latest Marvel epic has laready taken well over $400million in just over a week and looks set to battle to an impressive final haul.

Speaking of battles, one of the absolute highlights of the movie is the jaw-dropping gladiator match between Thor and Hulk.

Loki, who is watching from the crowd, winces in memory of his own treatment at the hand of the not-so-jolly green giant while the rest of us sit back and enjoy the smackdown.


The epic scene is set on the planet of Sakaar ruled by Jeff Goldblum’s tyrannical Grandmaster, who throws huge gladiatorial games.

A worried Thor is thrust into the arena but cheers up at the sight of his old “friend.”

Hulk, however, has been in this form for over two years now and Bruce Banner is buried very far with in. The Avenger really just wants to smash. And he does.

Ruffalo also revealed the hilarity of shooting his fight scenes against Thor star Chris Hemworth, who is much smaller than him on screen but towers over him in real life.

He said: “I’m doing fight scenes with a little tiny Thor, a kid’s dummy with all Thor’s clothes on and i’m kicking him and punching him and beating him up. To see it done is pretty cool.”

The star also shared the secret to the Hulk roar: “You have to come down from your huevos.”

After the surprising sight of , Thor already knows that those are some pretty big green huevos…


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