The A Word season 2 applauded for its portrayal of autism: 'Keep killing the stereotypes'

The A Word season 2 applauded for its portrayal of autism: 'Keep killing the stereotypes'

The BBC drama, starring Christopher Eccleston, saw a reunion with the Hughes family and their loved ones as seven-year-old Joe Hughes (played by Max Vento) was told that he had autism.

When Joe said the word autistic for the first time, seeing it as something bad, Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Alison (Morven Christie) knew they needed to talk to him about it.

Viewers instantly took to social media following Max’s portrayal of the character, with one fan tweeting: “I don’t know how they do it but every episode of #TheAWord feels so personal and relatable. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series #autism.”

“#TheAWord has to be one of the most realistic portrayals of autism I have ever seen. As an autistic person myself, it is so refreshing to see,” posted another.

A third added: “Ah yes, the toxic parents at the school gate. I remember their ‘kind’ words #ouch #beentheredonethat #theaword.”

“Just watched ‘The A Word’ and remembered why it’s one of my favourite programmes ever. Spreading the word about autism and killing the stereotypes is exactly what needs to be done, and this programme does it brilliantly #TheAWord,” wrote another.

The praise comes after Christopher revealed he was stunned to see The A Word snubbed from a string of prestigious award shows. 

Speaking to Digital Spy, Christopher, 53, admitted that he wasn’t surprised by the show’s popularity, saying: “No I wasn’t, because I knew the strength of the writing. What I was surprised about was that it was completely ignored by BAFTA, etc.

“Is it too ordinary? Is it too much about working class folk? Are people embarrassed by the issue? Is Pete [Bowker] being punished for apparently picking up a format? “

He added: “How Pete’s writing was ignored, and Morven and Lee’s performances, I’ll never understand that,” Christopher added. “There’s some snobbism going on and they’re certainly not looking at the viewing figures and the critical reaction.

“I don’t understand how The A Word is ignored over The Durrells – with respect to The Durrells, I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.”

The A Word continues next Tuesday on at 9pm.

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