Sun: Top 10 facts about our nearest Star

Sun: Top 10 facts about our nearest Star

1. Our elliptical orbit around the Sun is almost circular varying between today’s 91.4 million miles to 94.5 million miles at its furthest (aphelion).

2. The Sun accounts for about 99.86 per cent of the total mass of our solar system.

3. The diameter of the Sun is more than 100 times that of the Earth.

4. Quite apart from the Earth and other planets orbiting the Sun, the Sun itself is orbiting the centre of the galaxy but takes about 250 million years to complete an orbit.

5. In its orbit through the galaxy, the Sun is travelling at about 140 miles a second.

6. The Sun’s heat comes from nuclear fusion as its hydrogen atoms fuse together to form helium.

7. The Sun is expected to continue burning for about another five billion years.

8. Although the surface temperature of the Sun is estimated to be between 5,000 and 6,000C, its interior can reach 15,000,000C.

9. The Sun is classified as a Yellow Dwarf star. As it burns it will become brighter and bigger and turn first into a Red Giant, then a White Dwarf.

10. When it becomes a Red Giant, it will expand and engulf Mercury, Venus and Earth. 

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