Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Gemma Atkinson stunned as Aljaz HALTS It Takes Two

Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Gemma Atkinson stunned as Aljaz HALTS It Takes Two

Host Zoe Ball quizzed the Slovenian: “Aljaž, you’ve avoided the dance off until now. Were you surprised then to be in the bottom two?”

“You are always surprised if you are in the bottom two and as soon as we were…” he began, before squinting at the cameras to see what was written below his name on the screen. 

It read: “Look behind the sofa,” under his name and Aljaz, 27, began to look around, which left Gemma, 33, visibly worried. 

“Look behind the sofa? Is something going to jump out?” the Emmerdale star asked nervously. 

Aljaž laughed as he joked: “Well, there’s a big Christmas tree there first. Right there.”

But his comment did little to reassure Gemma, with Zoe having to clarify: “No, nothing is going to jump out I promise.”

Aljaž then pulled out a long piece of card which had his name printed on it and a piece of string attached so that he could wear it around his neck. 

“On no you didn’t! Look at it! It’s brilliant!” he exclaimed. “I got my own. It’s amazing and easy to read as well. Little things that make you happy.”

Following the brief interruption, Aljaž went back to his comment on Sunday’s results show, continuing: “Yes, you are always surprised when you are in the bottom two and especially in the semi-final when the stakes are that high.

“So as soon as we heard our names, we went backstage and we really, really composed ourselves and said lets just go out there.”

The Final airs Saturday on One at 6.30pm while It Takes Two airs weekdays on BBC Two at 6.30pm. 

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