Strictly Ballroom: LOOK at the stars of Baz Luhrman's musical 25 years later

Strictly Ballroom: LOOK at the stars of Baz Luhrman's musical 25 years later

The iconic movie is back on UK television screens tonight.

Even more exciting, a new live musical version will be hitting London’s West End this Spring.

Back in 1992 the world of competitive ballroom dancing was viewed as a dated and slightly embarrassing pasttime. After the surprise success of this gloriously camp classic, a worldwide craze among dancers and audiences was reignited. 

It’s safe to say that without this movie we might never have Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing With The Stars and a host of dance shows and tours.

The tale of a cocky young dancer Scott and Fran, the dowdy girl who would show him how to live and love without fear made instant stars of Paul Mercurio and Tara Morice, but where are they now?

Morice had the challenging role of needing to look as unattractive as possible before transforming into a glittering goddess.

The actress recently spoke to the NFSA on the movie’s 25th anniversary and admitted: “I never thought 25 years later I’d still be recognised for it. It’s the role that defined my career.”

The frizzy hair and huge spectacles are gone, but Morice is still instantly recognisable as fabulous Franny.

Now 53, Tara made her film debut in Strictly Ballroom and went on to appear in TV shows Home and Away and Dance Academy, which has just been turned into a big screen movie.

Her on-screen dance partner, Paul Mercurio made a bigger splash on the international stage.

Strictly Ballroom was also his movie debut but he went on to star in movies like Exit To Eden and the Emmy-winning mini-series The Bible: Joseph, in the lead role.

He was also one of the judges on the Australian and New Zealand versions of Dancing With The Stars.

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