Snapchat shutting down? The truth about THOSE November 14 app delete rumours

Snapchat shutting down? The truth about THOSE November 14 app delete rumours

Snapchat fans have been left fearing the selfie app will get deleted and removed on November 14 2017 amid claims the social network is shutting down.

The Snapchat shut down rumours have been going viral, and were being circulated on Twitter during yesterday’s major outage.

As Snapchat was down for thousands of users Snapchatters were tweeting about the claims that the app will soon get removed from iOS and Android stores.

However, Snapchat fans need not fear – as this is all hoax.

The Snapchat Support Twitter account earlier this month responded to the claims.

The official account was sent a screen grab of the message which has gone viral.

It allegedly shows an article with the Snapchat logo that reveals the social network’s CEO Evan Spiegel is planning to shut the service down.

However, one telltale sign the article is fake is the numerous grammar errors in it and the poor standard of English.

Responding to the tweet, the Snapchat Support account said: “Hi! Not to worry — this isn’t true”.

And they have again responding to these claims today.

The Snapchat Support account tweeted: “We’re not shutting down. #fakenews”.

They also linked to a fact check article on

The article reads: “In November 2017, a “news” article suddenly appeared and roared around social media like wildfire, reporting that popular ephemeral messaging service Snapchat would be closing down by the end of the year. 

“The story was brief and appears to have been written hastily and not in a particularly journalistic style.

“Not many people actually appear to have clicked on the article before passing it around on social media, however; if they had, they would have seen “You Got Owned!” on the top left-hand corner and “You’ve Been Pranked! ” on the top right side of the page.”

The hoax news story also resulted in Snap CEO Evan Spiegel returning from a Twitter hiatus to debunk the story.

The 27-year-old, who originally came up with the idea of Snapchat as a class project at university, has been tweeting Snapchatters left fearing for the app’s future.

In a tweet to one Snapchat user asking if the service was closing down, Spiegel posted: “Not true. Fake news!”

While in another tweet he added: “Fake news”.

The rumours about Snapchat closing down had gone viral, with numerous users taking to Twitter to reveal their fears over the service closing.

One user tweeted: “in case y’all haven’t heard yet November 14th snapchat is getting removed from social media”.

While another posted: “I was just told snapchat is being removed November 14?! this BETTER be a lie”.

And one added: “@snapchatsupport is it true that Snapchat is going to be removed from the App Store On November 14?”

But, as has been proved otherwise, Snapchat fans can rest assured that the selfie app used by millions won’t be going anywhere.

The hoax busting comes after Snapchat suffered a major outage yesterday.

Independent website Down Detector received tens of thousands of reports that the app was down.

Users in the UK, Europe and the US were all affected by the outage which lasted for around three hours.

During the downtime, Snapchat users were unable to send and receive Snaps and experienced server issues.

They have also been left fearing that their Snapstreaks could disappear.

The Snapchat Support Twitter account yesterday was giving advice to Snapchat users that were concerned about their Snapstreaks disappearing.

They advise people affected to head to the Snapchat Support website then go to the section labelled “My Snapstreaks have disappeared”.

If you press ‘YES’ next to ‘still need help’ you can fill out a form for more assistance for any Snapstreak issues.

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