Sex probably WON'T kill you – but it is more likely to if you have these characteristics

Sex probably WON'T kill you – but it is more likely to if you have these characteristics

Sex resulting in death after a heart attack is a highly unlikely scenario, scientists have deduced.

The experts claimed that despite the myth that sex might cause a heart attack, especially in older men, this is not the case.

A research letter published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology said that only a very tiny number of heart attacks have something to do with sex.

Scientists studied cases of heart attacks over a 13-year-period in Oregan, US.

They found that 4,557 heart attacks had occurred during this time, and only 34 were related to sex.

This amounts to less than one per cent, 0.7 per cent to be exact.

Scientists did find, however, that certain characteristics seemed to correspond with those who had a heart attack under these circumstances.

These included already having a history of heart problems, and taking cardiovascular medication at the time of the incident. 

What is more, the patients were more likely to be male, middle-aged and African American.

However, this does not give men free reign to ignore any heart attack symptoms they encounter in the bedroom, as these are still some of the most fatal heart attacks a person may have.

The study found that only one in three people who had  heart attack during sex received any CPR from their partner.

Researched cite this as the reason that less than 20 per cent of patients who have a heart attack during sex survive. 

Scientists stated: “The majority of cases were men with a previous history of cardiovascular disease. The researchers also noted that some cases of SCA after sexual activity may also involve medications, stimulants and alcohol use.”

In August it was revealed that a heart attack during sex is eight times more likely to kill men

Another study looked at 246 people who had heart attacks in various scenarios and found that those who did during sex fared particularly badly. 

What is more, less than half those who have a heart attack during sex are likely to get CPR or any other first aid.

Lead researcher Dr Ardalan Sharifzadehgan, from European Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, said: “Partners are shocked, they don’t know how to react. The husband is naked, they are naked, maybe they’re afraid to call the neighbours. There’s big, big embarrassment.”

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