Sex and dating tips: Men who do THIS will be rejected by 90 per cent of women they ask out

Sex and dating tips: Men who do THIS will be rejected by 90 per cent of women they ask out

Men who keep on being ignored by women they approach may not understand where they are going wrong.

New research has found while 86 per cent of single people are using dating apps, a whopping nine in ten fail to get a response from new matches.

Some may try being forward in their messages in the hope of getting a response.

But Durex surveyed 5300 dating app users and found 43 per cent of people are put off by messages that are too sexual or too forward.

It is in fact humour that is most likely to secure a date, with over 80 per cent revealing an funny first message has led to a meeting.

But not everyone is naturally funny – so Durex have launched an inspiration hub that will give users suggestions of good opening lines that are more likely to lead to dating success.

Speaking about the research, dating expert Kezia Noble noted: “In this day and age we have to be able to impress people before we’ve even meet them in real life.

“Dating apps have made us all interviewers, looking for the right people to spend our time with, and with this research Durex has uncovered where most people are struggling.

“They aren’t putting enough effort into this first stage, with the inspiration hub we’re hoping we can help more people get that face time they deserve.”

Elise Cockley, Durex Marketing Manager UK said of the initiative: “By 2030 70 per cent of couples will meet online and our international research shows that nearly 60 per cent of dating app users search for love, not just a hook up, when they log on.

“Here at Durex we are on a mission to help bring more couples together, and this initiative is a perfect way to help empower people to get chatting online even when they are struggling to think of what to say, meaning more matches can turn into date nights and maybe more.”

Humour is definitely the way to a woman’s heart, and scientific research published recently has proved this.

Research published in the journal ‘Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology’ has discovered what a man needs to satisfy his partner in the bedroom.

Researchers questioned 103 women about their sexual satisfaction and their partners characteristics.

The research sought to discover “whether this variation of orgasm frequency reflects mates’ personal characteristics”.

It also aimed to find out “whether women report that their orgasm frequency varies between partners” and “whether this variation reflects own and partner sexual behaviour during intercourse”.

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