REVEALED: The cheapest time to book your holiday is on THIS day of the week

REVEALED: The cheapest time to book your holiday is on THIS day of the week

You can save lots of money by making sure you book your flight at the right time, say the experts at 

This includes booking your aeroplane spot on a specific time, day of the week, and even a certain number of days before. 

For instance, while you may not be thinking about holidays on a Tuesday when the week has just started, simply booking your flight on this day makes it 11 per cent cheaper.

This is compared to if you book on the most expensive day: Saturday.

While the age old proverb goes, “the early bird catches the worm”, this is not true of flights.

They will actually be nine per cent cheaper if you book in the evening rather than the morning.

You will also be rewarded for booking in advance – unsurprisingly, booking your flight on the day of departure is the most expensive time to do it.

You could save up around 34 per cent by booking it 60 days in advance: the optimum time to book, according to the data.

However, when it comes to the timing of your actual flight, Neil James Cartwright, spokesperson for, says it depends where you’re heading to.

“Our study shows the best time to travel varies depending on your final destination.“

“For Brits travelling within Europe, it is more expensive to fly on Fridays than Saturdays, with flights that day on average 8% most costly.”

“When it comes to making a bargain on a weekend trip, Brits should therefore consider flying on a Thursday instead.”

On the other hand, if you are looking to go to Asia for a winter holiday, the Momondo data tells a very different story.

Rather than evening flights being cheapest for Asia journeys, it is actually morning flights that offer the best deals – with flights coming in at seven per cent cheaper if you travel in the AM. 

The findings are based on data taken from more than 100 million fares following searches on 1704 routes. 

It is brilliant food for thought for those looking to book cheap getaways for 2018.

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