OnePlus mystery new phone REVEALED – OnePlus 5T Sandstone White officially unveiled

OnePlus mystery new phone REVEALED – OnePlus 5T Sandstone White officially unveiled

OnePlus have today lifted the lid on the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White, which sees the Chinese smartphone startup revisit a classic look.

The manufacturer’s first handset, OnePlus One, had a textured sandstone rear cover which helped it stand-out from the swathes of polished aluminium smartphones.

And OnePlus have resisted that iconic look with their upcoming limited OnePlus 5T.

The newest version of the OnePlus 5T features a Sandstone texture reminiscent of the OnePlus One Silk White.

It also boasts a red slider button which provides a striking contrast to the rest of the phone.

The OnePlus 5T Sandstone White will only be available with 128GB storage, no 64GB version will be on offer.

It also boasts 8GB of RAM and will go on sale on January 9 at 10am GMT, 10am CET and 10am ET.

It will cost £449 in the UK and €559 in the rest of Europe. In the US it will be priced at $559.

OnePlus have been teasing the release of the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White for the past few weeks, with the firm giving their most recent teaser yesterday.

Giving a big hint about what was in store for fans, on Wednesday they tweeted: “Dat Sandstone feel doe. Sandstone fans, what drew you to this grip?”

And today they revealed the new phone to the world on Twitter.

They tweeted a trailer giving the first official glimpse of the limited edition OnePlus 5T alongside the caption: “Meet the #OnePlus5T Sandstone White”.

OnePlus fans will be able to order the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White from the company’s official website next Tuesday. 

Describing the process behind creating the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White finish, a OnePlus spokesperson said: “To achieve the tactile Sandstone finish on the metal chassis of the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White, our engineers applied four high-precision processes. 

“First, we apply a primer to safeguard the metal body. Next, a colour temperature layer to ensure the white tones are balanced and natural. 

“Once this layer has been applied, a blend of natural minerals and white oil paint covers the surface, lending the device its stunning blend of white and gray tones and signature sandstone feel.  

“Finally, a UV layer is used to refine the texture of the phone and ensure hardness and durability.  

“Taking a total of 75 minutes per phone, these high-precision, low yield processes make the body of the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White the most sophisticated we have ever produced.”    

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