McMafia viewers RAGE about new drama for very bizarre reason: ‘Bad job BBC!’

McMafia viewers RAGE about new drama for very bizarre reason: ‘Bad job BBC!’

As the Russian and Israeli speeches needed subtitles, it appeared that not all could read what was on the screen. 

A large amount of viewers flooded to Twitter to comment on the size of the font, claiming it was ruining their experience of the show. 

One wrote: “I bl**dy hate programs with subtitles! I have shocking eyesight and can’t read the TV from where I sit! Therefore, after 13 minutes I am giving #McMafia up as a bad job @BBCOne. Shame as was looking forward to this!!”(sic)

A second added: “Watching #McMafia with my mum who is losing thread of programme as subtitles revert to tiny from her usual settings when character speaks in Russian. Such a shame @BBCOne Why no uniformity throughout for visually impaired?”

Another agreed, commenting: “Oh @BBCOne the subtitles on #McMafia are dreadful, too small and at times the letters disappear into the background.”

A fourth raged: “@BBCOne #McMafia love it but with so many subtitles you could increase the font size! Difficult to read at speed across a room.”

Meanwhile, the first episode saw a huge cliffhanger which appeared to set the tone for the eight-part series. 

Alex Godman (played by James Norton) was left to choose war or peace and by the looks of the explosive trailer that followed the instalment, it seemed that son of Russian mobsters will keep with the family tradition. 

McMafia continues tomorrow on BBC One at 9pm. 

Published at Mon, 01 Jan 2018 22:42:00 +0000

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