'I'll tell you – mate!' Eamonn Holmes ERUPTS during heated row over NHS 'mess'

'I'll tell you – mate!' Eamonn Holmes ERUPTS during heated row over NHS 'mess'

The ITV morning show tackled the ongoing health service crisis and aired a discussion with Nick Ferrari and Roy Lilley, who was formerly a chairman of the NHS. 

Lilley started: “The problem is when they’re full, they’re full. What has happened in the past is that people haven’t had their operations cancelled and then they’re told to go home. 

“What the emergency planning panel has said is, ‘Look, we’re not going to do the operations in January,’ and then it’s making people angry.”

However, Holmes fought back, insisting that the NHS is “a mess” and demanded to know whether a lack of funding is behind the problem.

“They’ve been planning this since June,” Lilley defended. “This is not over. January and February will get really bad, but if the staff get ill it will be really bad.”

But Holmes was fired up, and continued: “A&E is really bad and we need to rethink it. If I need a tyre replaced I will go to a unit who will change it. You should be told, ‘Window one, legs; window two, appendix; window three, legs’.”

Lilley demanded to know when the This Morning presenter was last in A&E, a point which seemed to infuriate Holmes. 

The 58-year-old yelled: “I’ll tell you when I was last in, mate, was just before Christmas so I was, where my mother had to be in a corridor.”

Before the debate could rattle on, Ruth Langsford stepped in and brought the segment to a close. 

This Morning viewers were cheering on Holmes as he went on his crusade and flocked to Twitter to praise him. 

One posted: “Eamonn getting feisty so he is!”

Another agreed, adding: “Great point from Eamonn there.”

A third commented: “Well said, Eamonn, Personal responsibility seems to be forgotten a bit.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV from 10.30am. 

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