Harvey Weinstein: ‘Disgusted' Myleene Klass 'offered sex contract' by disgraced mogul

Harvey Weinstein: ‘Disgusted' Myleene Klass 'offered sex contract' by disgraced mogul

The disgraced Hollywood producer and former studio director, 65, is thought to have checked into a rehab facility and is currently under investigation by UK and US police over allegations of sexual assault.

Now, a source for The Sun claims that singer and actress Klass left “disgusted and angry” after declining an offer of the “contract” from the movie mogul over lunch at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.

“She thought his intentions were genuine,” the insider said. “But as soon as she found out what he really wanted, she told him to f**k off.”

Weinstein has denied a slew of allegations of sexual misconduct, but the publication states that Klass previously spoke out about the incident without naming him, saying that her story could “bring Hollywood down”.

“About six months ago, a newly married Hollywood star asked me to sign some kind of sex contract with him,” Klass said in the months after the alleged incident. “I just thought, ‘Mate, which planet are you from?'”

“I met him a few times and when I went to interview him it was like something out of a film,” she said. “We were having lunch and as the food started arriving he launched into it.

“I was like, ‘B*****, I’ve got main and dessert to go – I’m stuck here.'”

“I just thought, ‘Oh my God, your poor wife,'” Klass added. “I don’t want to be a marriage-wrecker.”

She also told Fabulous Magazine later that year that she had told her fiancé at the time, Graham Quinn, afterwards.

“I left and got straight on the phone to Gray and told him,” she said. “It would bring Hollywood down if the story got out. But I won’t say anything. It’s not my style.”

A representative for Klass declined to comment on the reports.

Express.co.uk has contacted a representative for Harvey Weinstein asking for comment.

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