Guess what the biggest film of 2017 is? It caused a HUGE controversy

Guess what the biggest film of 2017 is? It caused a HUGE controversy

The 2017 box office officially closed yesterday, on January 4.

For most of the year Beauty and the Beast seemed almost impossible to catch, raking in a whopping $504million in the US and $90.5million (£67million) over here.

Horror movie It was a shock global smash and Dunkirk rode a patriotic wave on both sides of the Atlantic, while Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor Ragnarok and Soder-Man Homecoming swelled teh Marvel coffers to overflowing.

But there was never any doubt about the biggest film of the year in a galaxy far, far away and closer to home… 

Star Wars The Last Jedi may have divided fans with some hardcore protesters demanding that is is removed from the Star Wars timeline, but it is still the top film of 2017 at the US and UK box office.

It looks unlikely to match the success of The Force Awakens and is predicted to perform surprsiingly poorly when it opens in China the is weekend, but it still pulled in an impressive $93.2million (£67.5million) in the UK, pipping Emma Watson to be the Belle of the ball.

It has already taken $544million in the US and still has weeks to run in cinemas worldwide.


1Star Wars: The Last JediDisney$93,253,389

2Beauty and the Beast (2017)Disney$90,542,359


4Despicable Me 3UPI$62,724,917

5Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Disney$53,060,497

6Paddington 2StCanal$50,753,452


8Thor: RagnarokDisney$40,894,239

9Spider-Man: HomecomingSony$39,582,694

10The Fate of the FuriousUPI$37,539,469

11La La LandLions Gate$37,418,325

12The Boss BabyFox$37,375,973


14The LEGO Batman MovieWB$34,600,000

15Kingsman: The Golden CircleFox$33,301,961

16Murder on the Orient Express (2017)Fox$32,289,183


18Fifty Shades DarkerUPI$28,583,660

19Wonder WomanWB$28,100,000

20War for the Planet of the ApesFox$26,524,216

21Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesDisney$25,096,446

22Blade Runner 2049Sony$25,059,931

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