Google Maps: You won’t believe what this girl is riding in this viral footage

Google Maps: You won’t believe what this girl is riding in this viral footage

GOOGLE MAPS cameras take extensive footage from all around the world. 

The platform is host to a number of weird and wonderful images.

Some of these go viral on the internet for the bizarre scenes they portray.

In one image, a slim woman is pictured on a pavement about to cross the road. 

However, she is not on foot, but taking an odd choice of transport.

She is riding an animal – but instead of a horse that looks fit for riding, she is on a Shetland pony. 

Although Shetland ponies are commonly ridden, it is generally by small children whose small sizes are appropriate to the ponies. 

The adult woman, however, presents an odd sight on the back of the pony, with her feet almost touching the ground.

It is unclear why she has chosen to ride this tiny pony, but it may just be a trick of the photo.

The pony seems to be stretching its legs out in front, making it look shorter than it really is.

This isn’t the only viral Google Maps image out there on the internet.

Recently, a Google Maps image showed an escaped convict, or at least what looked like one.

Taken in South Africa in August 2010, the viral image shows an empty field with a road cutting through it. 

However, a Google Maps user shed light on what really might be behind the image.

“I live in SA and it seems more like some kind of worker to me. If you zoom out you can see it’s a mining area called Carletonville.

“The CWF probably stands for “Carletonville Working Force” or something along those lines.”


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