Google Maps Street View 'dead body' mystery SOLVED – with this shocking discovery

Google Maps Street View 'dead body' mystery SOLVED – with this shocking discovery

Google Maps Street View often catches the funniest and the craziest images from across the globe.

It has also captured some terrifying images, with a murderer being caught by the 360 cameras.

Reddit users also discovered what appeared to be a dead man’s body in the back of a truck in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Police have discovered what the story is behind the body.

The truck shows a man in blue shorts, topless and without shoes as he lies in the back of a pickup truck motionless.

Due to the terrifying nature of the image, police in Wilmington, North Carolina launched an investigation into the shocking discovery after it was reported.

It was then discovered that the body wasn’t human after all and was an Oscar, which is a U.S Coast Guard search-and-rescue dummy.

The dummy is often used for drills and helping recover people from the water when in the sea.

Lieutenant Tom Witkowski from the Wilmington Police Department told StarNews at the time: “It’s obviously something that needed our attention and we’re just glad that it’s nothing more than what it is.”

A Coast Guard spokesman confirmed that they recognised the vehicle with their Oscar dummy in it.

Another mystery has also been solved through Google Maps, although with a much more tragic ending.

A pond in Michigan, US was found to contain the body of a missing person.

David Lee Niles went missing in 2006 after leaving the local pub after visiting a friend.

The 72-year-old was reported missing by his family, who searched for him until 2011 when they published his obituary.

When the car was discovered by local Brian Houseman, it was then reported and removed from the lake.

The car was found to contain the deceased man’s body.

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