Fortnite update: New Battle Royale patch revealed for PS4 and Xbox One servers

Fortnite update: New Battle Royale patch revealed for PS4 and Xbox One servers

New Fortnite updates have been released on a nearly weekly basis of late, making big changes to the popular PS4 and Xbox One title.

The latest Battle Royale patch is set to launch on the game servers very soon, which will bring a new batch of bug fixes, weapon balancing and a new trap.

New Fortnite update details were released today by Epic Games, who also confirmed that the game’s Fortnitemares event is being extended until November 29.

Update V.1.9 releases on Tuesday, November 14 and will likely mean new server downtime for the game.

The new patch is scheduled to go live at around 9am, GMT and will introduce Launch Pads, a new Battle Royale item that flings you high into the air and lets you re-deploy your glider.

Here’s more on the new Launch Pads coming to the game:

Battle Royale Launch Pads: “Prepare your gliders. The Launch Pad trap flings players high into the air and lets you re-deploy your glider mid-match! Traverse the battlefield in style as you soar over any obstacles in your path and surprise your enemies with an aerial assault.

As confirmed by Epic Games, once deployed, the Launch Pad can be triggered by any player and has unlimited uses but It cannot be picked back up and It can be destroyed like any other trap.

Full Fortnite Battle Royale patch notes can be found below:


  • Default controller sensitivity settings have been adjusted.
  • In previous updates, scoped sensitivity was too slow, even at the highest setting. This has been improved in V.1.9 to allow for a wider sensitivity range.
  • Controller sensitivity settings have been adjusted to range from 1 through 10 instead of 0.0 through 1.0.
  • Sensitivities may feel different with this update. As much as we didn’t want to change your preferred settings, it was necessary in order to improve the scoped sensitivity issue that many players have reported.
  • A new “Reset to Default” option has been added to the “Game” menu.
  • Firing, jumping, reloading, etc will no longer cancel targeting mode.


  • Introducing “Per Playlist Loot.”
  • Duo Playlist:  Medium Ammo stack increased from 10 to14.
  • Squad Playlist: Medium Ammo stack increased from 10 to 18.
  • This adjustment only applies to ammo found in Ammo Cans, Treasure Chests, and Supply Drops. Eventually this will be increased in Floor Loot as well.
  • Movement speed is reduced by 20% when swinging a harvesting tool. (Simply having it equipped does not slow you down!)
  • It’s now possible to build in many grass-covered areas that previously would not allow it.
  • Players can now build inside of shallow bodies of water such as Loot Lake.
  • Consumables will now appropriately fill to max item limit when picking up stacks of the same item.
  • Supply Drop health bar has been tweaked to reduce screen clutter.

Bug Fixes

  • Players who are in the Down But Not Out (DBNO) state no longer pick up resources and ammo automatically.
  • Fixed an issue which caused DBNO players to be eliminated if another teammate leaves the match even though another teammate is still alive.
  • You can no longer revive DBNO players through closed doors.
  • Fixed a bug which caused all hit effects to appear on the central point of a player.
  • You can now open and close doors while in build mode.
  • Players will no longer switch building pieces if they change material while targeting a structure. (Combat Pro controller configuration)
  • You will no longer automatically pick up resources if you have reached 999 resources of that type.
  • Damage numbers no longer overlap when damaging an enemy with a Sniper Rifle.
  • Clarified messaging notification that appears when a player is unable to loot during the reload animation.

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