Florence Pugh strips totally NAKED in raunchy sex scenes after being ‘told to be skinny'

Florence Pugh strips totally NAKED in raunchy sex scenes after being ‘told to be skinny'

The 22-year-old brunette beauty bared all in the period drama, which garnered enough critical acclaim to earn her a nomination for the EE Rising Star gong at the BAFTA Awards next month.

Her peachy behind took centre-stage in one gripping scene as she embodied the part of Katherine Lester, a young bride who is sold to a wealthy husband but starts an affair with a servant after finding herself trapped in the loveless marriage.

The film also saw her undress for several passionate romps with her lover Sebastian (played by Cosmo Jarvis).

She flaunted her curves in nothing but her birthday suit as the pair got hot and heavy on screen.

Florence recently told The Sun that she had once been told to lose weight for a role, but that she had steadfastly refused.

“I’ve been told to be skinny before – it’s already happened, but it’s up to you to either listen or say no,” she said, adding: “I’m not listening. 

“It shapes who you want to be and what character you want to play. I’m looking for characters – interesting women that spark conversation.”

Addressing the nudity in Lady Macbeth, Florence insisted that she didn’t mind stripping off when it made sense for the narrative.

“For me, I really appreciate seeing real bodies on screen, that variation, not the same frames we saw for the majority of our upbringing making us feel like we have to look that way,” she said.

Florence goes up against Timothée Chalamet, Daniel Kaluuya, Josh O’Connor and Tessa Thompson in the EE Rising Star Award category at the BAFTAs next month.

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