Engagement ring Prince Harry give will Meghan Markle REVEALED: Actress to get a diamond

Engagement ring Prince Harry give will Meghan Markle REVEALED: Actress to get a diamond

Prince Harry is likely to pick out this classic engagement ring for his Suits actress girlfriend Meghan Markle, a jewellery expert has revealed.

It was thought that Harry, 33, might give Meghan, 36, an emerald from one of Princess Diana’s necklaces, but this idea was dismissed by an expert who told Express.co.uk that emeralds are usually not made into engagement rings.

This is because the stones are soft, and won’t be strong enough to deal with the wear and tear of every day use.

So what ring will Prince Harry give Meghan?

Jewellery expert David Law believes that Prince Harry will opt for a perfect combination of royal jewellery traditions and American tastes.

Meghan’s ring will have a large clear diamond – instead of the traditional coloured stone the royal family prefer, to suit the tastes in the LA-born actress’ home country.

Princess Margaret and Sarah Ferguson both had ruby engagement rings, while Princess Diana and Kate Middleton wore a sapphire.

However, Meghan is in for a sparkling, clear diamond – if experts are to be believed.

David believes the diamond will be huge, at least 3-carats in size.

However, to fit in with royal trends, he believes there will be diamonds set around the large central gem, and in the band.

David said: “Looking back throughout History, Royals have frequently chosen a ring featuring diamonds around the centre stone – whether this be a diamond or a coloured gemstone with diamonds set into the band. 

“As for Americans, typically they are into size rather than the colour and clarity of the stone. In my experience, a typical American client prefers a centre stone that is 3-carat and above.”

Another expert, Stephen Bernard, who made jewellery for the late Princess Diana, agreed with David that the stone would be a diamond.

He told the Mirror: “If Harry were to propose it would be a ring with a large diamond, with a few little diamonds set around it.

“I think it will be stylish, I think it will be a large cut diamond, with maybe a dozen or so pave stones, lots of little diamonds all set together, around it. I don’t think he will choose a sapphire like his mother’s.”

It has been rumoured that Harry and Meghan are already engaged, but the announcement will not be made until the end of November

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