eBay: RARE Harry Potter book with errors selling for £1,000 online – do YOU have one?

eBay: RARE Harry Potter book with errors selling for £1,000 online – do YOU have one?

Harry Potter was the literary sensation that took the world by storm, with millions buying the books by author J.K. Rowling.

Did you know that some of the books are now very valuable?

Books with errors or first editions can sell for thousands of pounds online.

One rare first edition version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is for sale.

The seller wrote: “Hardly read. No drawing, missing pages or large rips. Has general expected edging wear and tanning of pages for a 20 year old book.”

The book can be bought now for £1,000 from the seller.

“This is a copy of a very early printing of the world famous Harry Potter book,” the seller has written.

“Has a number of traits known for the earlier editions including the missing Hogwarts emblem on the inside pages, the illustration of the young wizard instead of Dumbledore by Thomas Taylor and the copyright of author being Joanne Rowling instead of J.K.Rowling.”

They added: “As showing in the pictures on the inside page, this is the 15th print run of the 1st edition and also has the Smartie Awards emblem on the front cover and not in the tagline at the bottom.”

Books are just one of the everyday items that sell on eBay for huge sums and could be hiding around your house.

There is a 1p coin on eBay currently selling for a whopping £450.

The coin is valuable because it is dated 1971.

A pound coin with errors can be worth a huge amount of cash. 

The new pound coin, if it has been stamped incorrectly, can sell for around £10,000.

A coin is selling for this much on eBay currently because the coin was made with an error.

A bleed between the metals on the coin can be one thing to look out for.

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