Donald and Melania Trump MISS-kiss: Body language expert reveals TRUTH behind awkward snap

Donald and Melania Trump MISS-kiss: Body language expert reveals TRUTH behind awkward snap

Melania Trump, 47, and Donald Trump, 71, have landed in South Korea – the second stop on their five-country Asia tour.

As the pair reached the end of the red carpet after disembarking the plane they went in for a kiss.

According to author and body language expert Judi James, it is rare to see any form of public displays of affection (PDA) from the Trumps, and this ‘Guppy Kiss’ is a first.

So what does it tell us?

Judi explained: “Well that Melania has a sense of humour and that she might secretly be the powerhouse in this relationship after all.

“The Guppy Kiss is named after the behaviour of nibbling fish who will touch lips while their bodies are kept apart.

“Celebrity couples tend to adore this form of kissing for camera as the over-pout and leaning in ritual creates a kiss that looks cute and affectionate but without any of the signals of sexuality that might embarrass an audience.”

While the mutually-affectionate Guppy should involve marching amounts of pout-and-lean, this PDA looks very much like Melania’s sole creation, says Judi.

“Her splayed feet and upward-curled lip pout suggest both humour and that she’s the one pulling her husband in for the smacker, and her tight hand clasp endorses that idea.

“This clasp looks less about affection and more about control as she holds Donald’s hand by the fingers and uses it to pull him in towards her to accept the kiss.”

In May, Donald and Melania made headlines as they touched down at Bun Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. 

Pictured both walking off the aeroplane together, the First Lady was seen batting her husband’s hand away as they walked down the steps.

At the time, body language experts said they were uncertain if the hand-swatting move was a sign of Melania being cautious about showing public affection in Tel Aviv or how the couple’s relationship has changed since Trump was inaugurated.

The couple showed very different signs of public affection as they landed in South Korea.

When Judi saw Melania ‘swat’ her husband’s hand away in the earlier days of his presidency, and then correct his lack of hand on the chest during the anthem by a sharp nudge on the leg, she did wonder if the First Lady was made of sterner and more dominant stiff than some of her submissive rituals – like walking behind her husband seemed to imply.

She said: “This body language moment looks very much like a loving but controlling mum forcing her son to accept a kiss at the school gates.

“You can almost imagine that Donald’s next act was to wipe the kiss off with the sleeve of his school blazer.

“Donald’s facial expression signals reluctance but that makes the kiss even funnier.

“When he should be pouting like a guppy he’s dragged the corners of his lips down into an expression of dislike and by raising his head and puckering his chin he leaves his wife’s lips landing below his mouth rather than touching lip-to-lip in an act of synchronicity.”

Melania wore a plum-coloured as she landed in South Korea, but its puff sleeves may leave some royal fans divided. 

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