Debbie McGee Strictly Come Dancing diet: Giovanni's dance partner eats THIS to stay slim

Debbie McGee Strictly Come Dancing diet: Giovanni's dance partner eats THIS to stay slim

Debra McGee, known as Debbie McGee, is best known as the assistant and widow of magician Paul Daniels. 

The 59-year-old’s former training as a ballet dancer has seen her excel in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. 

Her dance parter Giovanni Pernice has been putting her through her paces and the pair have been getting on like a house on fire

Having to appear in a number of revealing outfits for the show and rehearsing long hours means Debbie has had to focus on what she’s putting into her body. 

With her enviable figure, what does Debbie’s daily diet look like? 

In an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine, Debbie revealed the secret to looking so fabulous. 

She said: “My secret is to eat three good meals a day. I never skip breakfast and I don’t drink a lot of alcohol. You can’t drink wine every night and stay slim. 

“I have a couple of drinks on a Saturday after the show but not while we’re training. I haven’t always kept up my exercise routine but what I do know is that if you exercise, your body looks good. 

“I’ve always done something, even if it’s just 15 minutes warm-up in the theatre before a magic show.” 

On a typical day, Debbie will eat two pieces of brown bread for breakfast, mashed avocado with two poached eggs on toast and chocolate for lunch, followed by a roast in the evening. 

She said: “On Strictly I’m eating things I wouldn’t normally eat. I keep a big bar of chocolate behind Claudia Winkleman’s little area and have two squares while watching the others dancing.

“I don’t drink Coca-Cola but I have been as I’ve needed the sugar.”

Someone else who looks great for their age is there French President’s wife Brigitte Macron. 

At the age of 64, her young looks and slender frame are the envy of many. 

So what is the school teacher’s age defying diet secret?

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