Dawn French weight loss – actress flaunts impressive SEVEN stone loss on The One Show

Dawn French weight loss – actress flaunts impressive SEVEN stone loss on The One Show

Dawn French, 59, stunned fans on the show last night promoting many to question how she achieved her dramatic transformation. 

Promoting her new book Me. You. A Diary, Dawn showed off a shoulder length hairdo with a sweeping fringe, large silver hoop earrings and a slimming black dress, but most importantly her new physique. 

Dawn has reportedly lost a whopping seven stone since her The Vicar Of Dibley days, but how exactly did the star get her svelte and healthy image? 

On her 30 Million Minutes tour last year, she explained that she started a weight loss plan while preparing for a hysterectomy. 

Dawn set about getting in shape in 2014 for the operation via keyhole surgery. 

She has also previously spoken out about her body transformation, telling Woman Magazine: “I have a great fondness for that other body. I knew it very well and I don’t know this one as well, not yet.” 

The English access and comedian first wowed fans in July this year with social media snaps that showed off her new physique. 

Dawn posted a picture to Twitter of herself modelling a starry-print dress. 

She captioned the snap: “Check out this LOVELY top,” while linking to the company’s website.

One fan replied: “I hope the slimmer figure is because you wanted it, I have always thought you were b***** beautiful anyway.” 

Another said: “You’ve not lost your bosom Mrs! Looking fabulous.” 

On last night’s The One Show viewers again took to Twitter to compliment Dawn on her new appearance. 

One viewer tweeted: “Totally didn’t recognised Dawn French on #OneShow Wow.” 

Other viewers also picked up on Dawn turning 60 this week. 

Someone else tweeted: “How on earth is @Dawn_French 60 this week?! Being young at heart obviously shows on the outside as well. Happy Birthday Dawn.”

The actress was married to Lenny Henry, who also shed an impressive amount of weight in recent years.

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