Bright on Netflix: The truth behind the Magic Wand REVEALED – Watch here

Bright on Netflix: The truth behind the Magic Wand REVEALED – Watch here

The Will Smith-starring film was received warmly by viewers, while it was estimated that as many as 11 million people watched it over its opening weekend.

Bright is set in a modern world where humans coexist with elves and orcs, and its plot sees Smith and Joel Edgerton’s characters finding a magic wand and running for their lives.

The film itself touches very briefly on its broader world and its history, but this new featurette answers a great deal of questions about the history of the magic and the origins of the wand.

Watch it above.

Bright has already been green-lit for a sequel, after becoming what is thought to be Netflix’s most expensive venture of all time, with a budget of over $100 million.

David Ayer, its director, hit back before Christmas at one particularly scathing review – which called it “the worst film of 2017”.

He tweeted back: “This is going on my fridge. Highest compliment is a strong reaction either way. 

“This is a f***ing epic review. It’s a big fun movie.”

He added: “You can sure string words together Mr. Erlich. I’d love to read any script you’ve written.”

The critic responded: “you’re a good man, mr. Ayer. i’ll be waiting with fresh eyes for whatever comes next.”

Bright is streaming on Netlix now.

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