Bright on Netflix: Huge SEQUEL news revealed today – What do we know so far?

Bright on Netflix: Huge SEQUEL news revealed today – What do we know so far?

Bright looks set to shine even, ahem, Brighter, with the latest exciting news.

Netflix just revealed that the Will Smith fantasy crossover pulled in record numbers during its first week on release.

A sequel was always on the cards and the streaming giant has wasted no time in announcing that fans can soon return to a world where orcs join the police force and everyone wants a magic wand.

Netflix posted a cryptic new video today with the good news sneakily buried at the end.

A sequel was already looking likely after Netflix revealed that Bright is the most watched movie on their playform in all 190 territories served by the streaming giant.

The social media announcement was made earlier today on the Bright pages on Twitter and Facebook.

The video is pitched as an audition tape with a hapless and hopeful young orc pitching his talents should Bright return. At the end, huge letters break the news: “Bright The Sequel Is Confirmed.”

And the title of the next movie is..?

The video adds: “Bright 2. Brighter. Orcs Gone Wild. The Last Inferni. Wands Wars.”

Before you cringe, the tongue in cheek announcement finished: “Ok. Title still needs work.”

What elese do we know so far? Will main stars Will Smith and Joel Egerton be back? Is David Ayer directing? When is it out? What is the plot?

Unfortunately, you will need a magic wand to pluck any answers out of thin air.

Netflix has released no further information as yet.

However, early reports last week already claimed that Will Smith is locked in for a sequel.


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