BBC Breakfast: Enraged viewers BLAST show over 'dullest story in history' – 'What a joke'

BBC Breakfast: Enraged viewers BLAST show over 'dullest story in history' – 'What a joke'

The BBC morning news show left viewers fuming after one of their top stories focused on the recent rise in wallpaper sales.

Host Naga Munchetty, 42, recapped the segment, which was repeated throughout the programme, telling the audience: “We’re talking about wallpapering now. Apparently we’re buying wallpaper again after not being so keen on it for a while.”

Failing to sound enthused, she segued to Ben Thompson who was at the UK’s largest wallpaper factory in Blackburn investigating the production process and why sales had spiked.

BBC Breakfast viewers were treated to Ben explaining the logic behind the size off roles as well as competing in a wallpapering competition live on air.

Unimpressed, those at home flooded Twitter to criticise the segment, with one fuming: “‘We’re talking wallpaper this morning’ @BBCBreakfast showing it is not scared of tackling the big stories.”

“Country is in absolute crisis and BBC Breakfast is talking about wallpaper sales being up 10 per cent,” another blasted, while a third called the feature “tedious”.

Clearly angered by the focus of the show today, a fourth viewer tweeted: “OK so wallpaper, pandas, fish and Google searches live on air… What a joke! Things that boring in the world??”

While another asked if it was a “slow news day”, however, some were delighted with the wallpapering exposé.

“Great to see @GrahamandBrown on @BBCBreakfast. Wallpaper sales are on a roll,” one fan quipped, as a second agreed: “Great to see the country’s biggest wallpaper #manufacturer @GrahamandBrown on @BBCBreakfast this morning.”

Although a few were entertained, most viewers complained about BBC Breakfast’s heavy emphasis on the wallpaper story, with one threatening to convert to the show’s rival Good Morning Britain: “I think I’m ready to ditch @BBCBreakfast and start watching @GMB on Monday morning. Cringeworthy and dull. WTF was that wallpaper thing?”(sic)

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the show, Naga couldn’t contain her amusement at a bizarre story of a man who choked on a live fish, forcing her co-host Charlie Stayt, 55, to step in.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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